“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou


At Technology Concierge, we strive to give you the comforts and conveniences you want. Let us design, install and service your Home Automation System, Home Theater, Lighting, or Climate control.


Home Theater

At Technology Concierge we believe that the best client is an educated client. There are different types of home theater. A Dedicated Home Theater is a room that its sole purpose of existence is to please visually and acoustically.


  • Personal Screening
  • Go to the Movies at Home
  • Personalized Designs

Audio Distribution

Now anyone can have multiple streams of music playing independently in any room as well as having the control needed to never have to go back to the main components. Using your iPad, tablet, smartphone, even color touch-panels in the wall.


  • Control at the touch of a finger
  • All your Music in one place
  • Intuitive Operation


Video Distribution

Video distribution is a simple solution for a project that requires video sources such as satellite, cable, on Demand services, movie libraries etc. distributed to multiple tvs in the house. Although we say is a simple solution, most people get confused on why they need it.


  • Fewer Provider Bills
  • More Choices
  • Pause in one room, Pick up in another

Lighting Control

With lighting control you can turn on key interior lights or light up the walkway to your door remotely with your smartphone. As you move from room to room motion sensors can turn lights on and off for you. Ideal if you are carrying a sleepy child to bed or have an armful of groceries.


Climate Control

Being comfortable encompasses more than just adjusting the temperature. Control humidity levels, automate shades, power on the hot tub on your way home, and program your entire house for maximum energy efficiency.

Networks for your home

Wireless Networks


With all the streaming movie and music services now available, you need a robust network structure to keep all your streams going.

Wired Networks


Peace of Mind, Home or Away. Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Video monitoring allows you to access your surveillance cameras while away, smart door locks are the virtual key to your home, alerts and alarms delivered as texts to your smartphone.

Service Contracts

We couldn’t make the statements we do without backing up the best Service Contracts in the industry. We have the experience, the proven process and the confidence to stand behind our work with the best Service Contracts.

Maintenance is the key to a well oiled machine. Your system is needs maintenance as well. With our Service contracts, you don’t have to worry about something going wrong. We will get you back up and running quickly without the hassle of you getting billed every time.

Fewer Bills

With one of our Service Contracts, you don’t have to worry about being billed for every little thing. We Just take care of it. No hassle, no fuss.

Shorter Turn Around Time

Faster response time is an option in our service contract plans.

Fixed, Before it Breaks

When there’s an ongoing relationship, we begin to know what you need–even before you do. This will go a long way toward fixing problems before they start.