Crestron vs Control 4

For most small to mid sized home automation demands, Control4 will work well . Control4 works with the most common brands. If you want to control something unusual (i.e. a wine cellar ), it’s likely that Crestron will be the only option. Crestron is the better solution for a larger home, but can accommodate any size system, it can control a huge number of devices simultaneously (and with proper programming, will control it all glitch-free.) Crestron is a richer solution. Crestron can control more brands, more simultaneous devices without issue, and its user interface can be customized for unusual and very specific needs.

Control4 is not meant to control large systems, and would be more prone to glitches in a large scale setting with hundreds of devices. Both brands have wonderful iPhone and iPad apps, as well as a variety of touch screens in-wall and table-top. Both brands can program multiple events to happen at the touch of a single button on a user-friendly interface. The typical demands of smarthome can be met by either brand, but more customization is possible with Crestron.

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