Better System through Better Service!

This company tag line has great meaning to me. I’ve spent many years in the technology industry and one fact has always been true, without good service you don’t have good systems. Take a cursory glance at anything that involves technology and you will see the need for above average service. Think about the automotive industry, would you buy a Rolls Royce for $400,000 if you could not receive exceptional service. How about any Apple product, if they did not provide you with updates and fixes… A system is only as good as its reliability, functionality, durability, and ease of use.

So if you are going to add an automated and integrated system to your home or office why would you not expect a high level of service? With the high number of separate system that need to be integrated (Lighting, Music, Television, Heating and Cooling, Garage Doors, Swimming Pool, Theater…) the service is more important than ever!